When she looked back

It was February, but it was still quite a chilly morning. She woke up with a jolt with a single ring of the alarm. She did not want her husband to get disturbed. As she wearily stretched herself, she saw that it was almost 3 am and there was light coming from the living room. Either her daughter was studying all night or got up early to start studying for her upcoming SSC board exams. She walked into the kitchen without disturbing her daughter who was completely engrossed in reading and began preparing some tea.

Once done, she gently tapped on her daughter’s shoulder and urged her to drink the tea and get some rest. “Don’t take too much stress beta. It will be fine”, she assured her daughter. “I know Mom. Thanks. It’s just that this is the start of my career. I need good grades, for a good college which will then lead to a good career” her daughter said with a sense of determination. All she could do was comfort her daughter with a smile and agreement. She knew that a successful career comes with so many more variables which are beyond good grades and education, especially for women, but did not think it was an appropriate thing to tell her young girl, who was fully pumped with ambition right now. “l will wake up in two hours again and make you some tea for you’ she said as she slowly retired to the bedroom”.

She couldn’t sleep, partly because her sleep was interrupted, but also because these days, seeing her daughter work so hard, she often felt both pride and resentment. She often would take a trip down the memory lane and could see how her daughter is so much like her. She remembered the days her mother would stay up all night and make tea for her while she would prepare for her exams. Her hard work had paid off at the end, and she was a gold medallist in CA exams. She had then landed up working with a big accounting firm and slowly had climbed up the corporate ladder. However, three years ago, she had decided to put down her papers to become a full-time mom, post her mother in law’s death. Her family needed her the most then. It was time for her to prioritize and she did precisely that, with utmost grace. Now both her children were young, confident teenagers who managed themselves perfectly well. It was hard for her to accept that they don’t need her as much as they used to before. At least they didn’t need her to look after them; rather they needed someone they could look up to. They needed a role model she never had growing up. She was a dutiful wife and a mother, and now it was time to honor the sacrifices her mother did for her.

As the alarm went off again, she resolved, ‘next year is going to be a year of transition, not just for my daughter who will go to college, but for me too. As she enters a new world of college, I will re-enter and claim back my career.’

So the journey began…

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