Richa’s Story

“At the top of the success ladder are givers who are also self interested”

Words from our dean Dr Ranjan Banerjee at the inauguration of the PGMPW program on 8th Feb,21 are still words which hover around in my mind. As a mother, a wife, a daughter, giving selflessly is a part of my nature, as is of millions of women across the world. But the ability to work on my self-goals is what differentiates me and makes me a part of this programme.

Covid brought on its share of challenges for sure but I believe it also blessed us with being able to continue our education in an online mode. Now, my 5-year-old daughter starts her online classes under her father’s guidance while her Mommy struggles with the balance sheets and the demand curves of the world. As someone who loves solo travelling and the challenges it brings with itself, I was prepared to challenge myself to be a student after managing to spend a decade away from books. But nothing could prepare me for the tsunami of assignments, submissions and those monstrous pre reads. But I believe it made my motivation towards those self goals stronger as I tried to battle out this tsunami. And with the giant support of such excellent faculty this journey has been one of the best 5 weeks of my life till now. I am amazed by the SPJIMR faculty who have managed to touch each one of our lives with their level of commitment and dedication. Their uncompromising nature ensured that we had the best levels of understanding despite facing the challenges of an online mode of teaching.

Many a times in these last few weeks, I have also come face to face with the guilt of not paying much attention to my family, my daughter, my friends but the only way I survived and was able to do my best was because of some of the invaluable friendships I managed to make with my batchmates. In a very short span of time and despite not meeting them physically, these girls are part of my life now. From cribbing about my daughter’s tantrums to last minute prep for a quiz this group is my support system now. Plus, we never rest and have the ability to flood our WhatsApp group with 200 messages in 10 mins or maybe less, never a dull moment here.

I have a long road to travel and probably a very bumpy one, and the destination seems miles away but it’s a journey worth finishing.

Richa Sharma (PGMPW 2021)

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