Nupur’s Story

Coming from the field of fashion, MBA was never something that was on my mind when I had started my career back in 2011. But I always knew owning a clothing label was a part of my dream. In my endeavour to do so, I started out on my own in 2016 with some small savings and a lot of learnings from my previous exposure. Very soon I realised that owning a start-up even if it involved merely 5 people wasn’t an easy job. It took a lot of sweat, blood and undying commitment. The journey was full of ups and downs but somehow even in the worst of times, my zeal and passion never subsided. Life was adventurous and tiresome, my social life was almost nothing but I was clear-headed about my goals to let anything else affect me. I still remember driving at least 50 km a day to get jobs done while trying to save every penny that could go back into the business. Demonetisation and its ripple effects killed my business. The market, three years later, is still to recover.

This taught me the importance of ensuring a robust business model, need for best accounting practises, and the need for strong business ethics. It also made me realise that I need an MBA experience to truly understand how to lead a scalable organisation. The last year of soul searching, and settling into my newly married life; has helped me to truly appreciate the need for formal education in business. My experience is unique, and I believe that I will attract the right opportunities in my life as long as I stick to the basics – transparency, integrity, hard work, and passion.

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