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It was Sunday evening sometime in May and my exact search lines were “MBA program for people with career breaks”. I wasn’t expecting a lot to feature and was kind of mentally prepared to grind it out for a 2-year regular MBA, but there was a different plan in store for me. The first entry or maybe it was the second, said – Post Graduate Program in Management for women with career breaks in Mumbai, and I read about the SPJIMR-PGMPW program. It was as if I was the “chosen one”. Every word in the program perfectly matched to what I wanted. “Management”, “Women”, “Career Break”, “Mumbai”. Almost like a voice of God and I knew I found what I was looking for.

Flashback to 3 years. I was HOD of Biology at a premier institute in Mumbai, famous for its preparation of JEE and NEET. It paid well, had a good work-life balance but still I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I knew I was enterprising, creative and aspirational. So, I took a leap, left the job and started my own firm for JEE and NEET preparation. I hired people, rented an office, created an advertising campaign and it was quite a success.

But then, as we drew close to the next set of batches, we hit a cash flow crisis and Murphy’s law kicked in. One thing led to another and I was left with a pile of debt, albeit low and developed a medical condition which forced me to take a break. Every day of those years made me realize ‘what I really wanted’. What were my strengths, weaknesses and what I really needed to overcome the challenges! More importantly I now knew that while we could draw on support from others, be it friends or family,  they can only lend a hand but it’s us who need to get the courage within to rise back again.

Fast forward 1 year and I realised that I had to lead the change. I had to hone my skills and get new knowledge. I wanted to get a formal management education and experience and fight my medical condition. Use any challenge I was facing as an opportunity and not a barrier!

So, that Sunday evening in May, when I was searching for “MBA Program for people with career breaks”- I ended up Discovering Myself with PGMPW. 

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