Covid and Classes

“Don’t mind me as I speak in a lower volume but I do hope you are able to hear me well”, said our programme head Dr Ashita Aggarwal as she continued to take our Marketing management lecture. Even though we were virtually connected, the exhaustion and weariness brought on by Covid could not be hidden but yet it was the spirit to keep on going which eventually won. How could you not get inspired after being part of such a lecture. Here’s a mother who is fighting the battle against Covid, not only for herself but also for her family, and winning. We live our lives looking up to leaders of the world for inspiration whereas these little moments in our lives teach us the most valuable life lessons sometimes.

The second wave of Covid has hit all of us, hard. My WhatsApp has been crazy busy with dormant groups from school and college suddenly becoming active zones for requests for urgent help or sharing resources for covid assistance. Our lectures begin with an honest concern from faculty, admins wanting to know about our general well-being. Even in a small batch of 34, the impact of Covid has been so hard hitting that it has shook us all. The helplessness of the situation, the concern for our families, our worry for our parents who stay away from us, the whole unpredictability has put us in a state where we are just living our daily lives in fear of when this monstrosity will hit us. And there are many among us who are already fighting it out. Attending lectures from a quarantine centre, taking notes while worrying whether a covid positive husband got his lunch yet in isolation, listening to lectures as a mean of distracting self from the loss of a family member, we saw all of this in the last ten days. My hands shake as I recollect those moments but feel pride at the spirit of all these women. The support system on whose assurance we had the courage to join the program has shaken. Yet these women are still committed to their goals. They are still braving it out at quizzes and assignments while also being there for their family and friends. And it’s a very difficult fight, where we are drained, physically and mentally. But ask any of these women and be rest assured that their commitment to being the leaders of tomorrow is still undeterred.

Thank you, ladies, for being the beacon of light in this darkness. For showing courage in the face of such adversity. For being the little inspirations in my life who show me what dedication a commitment needs and however unprepared we are, we still have the ability within us to push ourselves in this quest to our goals.

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