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The mood was sombre and thoughtful. Staring out of the window, on a rainy afternoon, she started reminiscing. “My mother had cleared her Civil Services exams.

The day I decided to return….

Beautiful porcelain tea set adorned the breakfast table. There was a cup of green tea, another cup of black tea, and one more with no sugar.

Shine your light by Sajili Shirodkar

I have the privilege to be a coach to the returning women participants of SPJIMR’s Post Graduate Management Programme for Women (PGMPW),

Experiences after a career-break

After 13 years of extremely fulfilling years in the financial sector, taking a career break was a difficult albeit necessary decision.

His support…

‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman.’ In my journey with the PGMPW batch, I have seen that the corollary is true as well.

Not just a woman’s thing!

The transition from young adulthood to parenthood had been difficult. Staying awake for hours at night, , frequent doctor visits

When she looked back..

It was February, but it was still quite a chilly morning. She woke up with a jolt with a single ring of the alarm. She did not want her husband to

Her son’s progress card….

It was a Sunday, but unlike many lazy Sunday mornings, the breakfast table was already set by 7 am, and the couple was dressed to the prim.

My 10-year challenge( Part 1)

The dinner was served sharp at 9 pm, that coincided with his wife’s favorite TV soap. Their ten year old son was packing his school bag for the next day,

Sarita’s Story

It is always tough for a mother to leave her child and move to a new city with high aspirations to fulfil her dreams.

Pooja’s Story

I would ideally call it a journey because it’s only forward that we move in life. We do not get to go back or return, we only get to learn and achieve